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FastDeck R.O.I

FastDeck portable flooring systems are engineered to be the easiest and fastest temporary flooring deployment available. Designed to be used over grass, turf, asphalt, gravel, concrete, dirt, and many other surfaces for special events, concerts, tent flooring, pedestrian traffic and 100's of other applications.

So How Fast Is Your R.O.I with FastDeck®?

For Rental & Event Companies:

With FastDeck® portable flooring systems, the return on your investment is 'fast'. The multi-patent locking system makes for the fastest portable flooring system in the industry, no skill sets needed and far less labor than other systems means you save up to 50% on labor costs each event. Typical rental fees cover the cost of FastDeck® flooring in just 2-4 events.

For Sports Facilities:

With FastDeck® portable flooring systems, the return on your investment is 'fast'. When you have the ability to convert your sports facility or outdoor space into a multi-use area for concerts, events, display, and a host of other functions, you will earn added revenue each year. Take just a small event where you can add an extra 2000 seats at an event and you average $12.00 per person that is $24,000, now do that 6 times a year and you added to your bottom line $144,00O in revenue. With bigger events and higher ticket prices, it only adds more.

FastDeck Customers:

You will find facilities and event rental companies throughout the world using the multi-patent FastDeck® portable floor systems for 100's of applications; Stadium turf protection, special event flooring, walkways, ice arena event flooring protection, party tent flooring, military temporary flooring and fairgrounds are just to name a few.

Turf and Grass protection –

FastDeck is a full suspension temporary floor system that allows air and moisture to flow freely under the flooring and sunlight to penetrate through. The structure is extremely durable and will absorb impact from pedestrians and equipment, giving you an added level of protection to the subsurface.


Easy Installation & Removal

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Colors : Colors

Available in stock gray and green. Custom colors available!

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